Hello Peter,
I think that somewhere in The Book of Not Knowing you wrote something about attachment. I think you wrote that the less we are attached to different stuff the less we will suffer – or something to that effect; I was unable to find the lines where you talked about it.

I’m wondering whether it’s possible at all not to be attached to different things. I think we attach to people, pets, things even if we don’t want it. If I live with someone for a long time, let’s say with my dog, I attach to him – doesn’t matter if I want it or not, it just happens. And if my dog dies one day, I will suffer to some extent, because I was attached to him.

I remember in some movie that I watched a long time ago, one of the characters said that we should live in such a way so that we should be ready to leave everything in 5 minutes. That character talked about attachment. But even if I’m ready to leave everything in 5 minutes it doesn’t mean I’m not attached to it. You can leave, but you will suffer, because you were attached to someone or something that you left behind.

So how is it possible not to be attached to different things in our lives? I just think that we attach to different things and people even if we don’t want it. It just happens, like I already said.

Regards, Luke



Consider that it doesn’t just happen, it is something you do. You are simply unconscious of what you do and how you it. Investigate it. For example, try with something small — someone else’s eye-drop bottle, or a bird you see outside your window daily — and deliberately create an attachment were there was none before. See what it is you have to do to create it. Then see what you must do to un- create it. This way you may be able to better discover what you do and why you do it.



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